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Ignite College and Career Academy partners with both South Georgia Technical College and Georgia Southwestern State University to provide students with the opportunity to earn college credits for free while still in high school. Dual enrollment allows students to save tens of thousands of dollars on college costs.

All college coursework taken through dual enrollment will be fully funded by the State of Georgia up to 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours, and students will not be required to pay out of pocket for tuition, college fees, or textbooks. The only fees students may be responsible for are some course-specific fees determined by the college. In most cases there are no such fees.


Any student in 10th-12th grade interested in dual enrollment should check with your high school counselor, access our Frequently Asked Questions about Dual Enrollment or call Ignite College and Career Academy at 229-931-8850

Courses Offered

Approved courses for Dual Enrollment are listed in the Dual Enrollment Approved Course Directory. Approved classes may include degree level or non-degree level courses in the five main academic areas (English, math, science, social studies and foreign language), as well as electives and career, technical and agricultural education (CTAE) offerings.

The courses a student chooses each term must be listed on his or her Dual Enrollment application and must be approved by his or her high school and the postsecondary institution he or she will be attending. You may view the Approved Course Directory at GaFutures.orgunder the Dual Enrollment link.